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About Us

More than 12 years getting you closer nanotechnology

We are a foundation dedicated to promote the development of projects and ventures focused on nanotechnology and also to spread its potential in the different productive sectors of Argentine society.
For this, we have a series of programs and initiatives aimed at entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, university and secondary students, who are interested in the subject. Our main objective is to link the different intervening actors and generate a favorable approach for the development of these technologies in our country.
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We invest in projects that include the conception and development of products, equipment and nanotechnological processes for further industrialization with the aim of offering original solutions to unsatisfied needs and incorporate added value to the production of various market sectors. To achieve this, we grant financing and assume the risk of your innovative project.
We are looking to generate new nanotechnological applications, new specialists included in the nanotechnological ecosystem, new companies that base their offer on nanotechnology, and companies that focus on the industrialization of their nano products.
Nanofab Laboratory

We count with our own laboratory equipped with a group of professionals capacitated to carry on our projects and develop another ones in collaboration with enterprises and scientific-technological institutions related with nanotechnology. For this, we have a series of high quality equipment that allows us to strengthen in our work's lines in polymers, printed electronics, measurement and product design.
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Startups in the FAN

We offer a work and creativity place in nanotechnology's area, auspicious for ventures development and innovative productive process. For this, we count with capacitated professionals, last generation specific equipment and adequate services for the development of technological activities required.
Richard Feynman Room

It was designed with the specific objective of hosting startups and companies that innovate with nanotechnology. Nowadays we count with ten companies, which make an important nanotechnological pole at a regional level.
Coworking Lab

We created a sophisticated shared work laboratory, with essential equipment, which is available to the SMEs and Startups installed in our building.
Our outreach initiatives
  • Nanotechnology in secondary schools

    With our program Nano for one day we take nanotechnology to secondary schools across the country. With the collaboration of specialists from different R & D institutions, we make interactive workshops, so that both, students and teachers could know the nanoworld and the applications potentiality.

  • Nanotechnology in universities

    In order to provide useful tools for those who are being trained, we created the Nano U program, which offers nanotechnologies courses at distance for university students. Currently, the platform count with more than eight thousand users and provide 5 courses: Introduction to nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology applied to the textile industry, Nanomaterials and Nanomedicines.

  • Nano Experiences

    We seek to spread nanotechnology in the society. To do this, we design interactive activities and playful experiences that allows to the general public to access to the nano world.

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