FUndación Argentina de Nanotecnología

We are a foundation devoted to the promotion of startups and projects that include nanotechnology as well as disseminating them across various sectors of Argentine society. Our main goal is to establish connections among the different actors involved as well as to create the suitable environment for the development of this type of technology in our country.

At our headquarters we have the necessary space, equipment and professionals for the establishment of high-level nanotechnology developments. We offer a range of programs and initiatives designed for entrepreneurs, researchers and students interested in this discipline.


Cutting edge technologies are in constant evolution and nanotechnology plays a key role in this process. At the Foundation we work for a new generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and researchers. We have redefined the concept of a conventional incubator adapting ourselves to the increased demands and fostering strategic connections between scientific and industrial sectors.


Different stakeholders within the nanotechnology ecosystem converge at our headquarters.


Our Fundation’s Lab – Nanofab, carries out its own developments while also collaborating with companies and groups within the scientific national community.Additionally, the Instituto de Nanosistemas (INS) part of Universidad de San Martín, works towards the generation of high quality and original/innovative knowledge, the development of technology and the education of highly specialized human resources. Both aim to contribute to the solutions of critical issues for industry and society.


FAN’s headquarters provides a series of individual spaces specially adapted for the placement of innovative startups based on nanotechnology so that they can carry out their developments. Moreover, there are Coworking Labs has exclusive, high end equipment to suit the demands of the incubated companies.


Our staff is qualified to assist in project formulation and technology transfer between science institutions and private sectors. We have been recognized as Technology Transfer Unit by the National Agency for the Promotion of Research and as Specialized Entity for the Entrepreneurial Support by the Productive Development National Ministry.


In the Mapa Nano you will find a comprehensive listing of Argentine institutions with work related to nanotechnology. Log into the map and use the search bar to find the information that you need.
This map is a collaborative tool, developed by the Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología in partnership with various institutions within the National scientific-technological community. It facilitates getting to know / It enables the users to discover the companies, the institutes and their corresponding research groups as well as other actors related to nanotechnology development in Argentina, both from the private and public sectors. This resource aspires to be a reference within the nano ecosystem and so, requires constant update. We invite you to browse through the map and to get to know the key players in our country´s nanotechnology field.

The map in numbers
2090 – Researchers
781 – PhD scholars and support personnel
335 – Research groups
91 – Institutes
73 – Companies


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